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88 Astro van problems running.

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Hi guys Im new to the board just recently acquired a Astro van and have run up with some issues. It is a 1988 4.3 V6 with only 63k Miles on it.

I have so far replaced the TBI gasket, fuel filter, and map sensor. Here is the issue I am having. Im thinking it might be my fuel pump but Il let you guys be the judges.

Basically when everything is hooked up properly the car starts runs for a split second then shuts off. But if I unhook the vacuum hose from the map sensor the car turns over and idles for about 5 to 10 minutes before dying out. Of course if I put it in gear at that point it will die right away too.

Also when I turn it on and let it idle with the vacuum from the map sensor unhooked when I hit the gas pedal quickly it tries to bog down but if I press on the gas pedal gradually it will raise in rpm all the way till red line.

Any suggestions are helpful, thank ahead of time.
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Just wanted to say. ... 05183.html

I am having the exact same problem as the guy on that board.
Hi, back with an update.

So I I checked all my ignition components made sure timing was set correctly my cap and rotors were in good working condition replaced my coil, fuel pump.

Pretty much 80% of Ignition and fuel components are working just fine and are pretty much brand new. Iv been tinkering with everything for the last two weeks.

When whoa and behold I come across the thread that the link I posted to above.

Today how ever one person that is having similar issues as me and the original poster of that thread mentioned above posts this.

" Van computer chip PROM programmed to shut down fuel injectors after 20 years from manufact. date and show no trouble code 51. Thank GM Corp. Electrical Engineer checked old PROM chip data."

Just curious is any one else here with a 1988 Astro that can confirm any of the simillar symptoms.

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Ok when I unplug the map sensor and cover the vacuum port on the TBI up it still idles, I haven't thought about covering the port from the map sensor but that shouldn't make a difference since the map is looking for input from the port on the TBI right.

For some reason it just seems the minute it gets inpute from a vac source the car starts going bonkers.

I just don't understand it heh its weird.

Newest and latest is that I don't know how but I got it to idle with the map sensor hooked up but it buckles and jumps wildly and wants to die heh.

Im going to do a compression test today and see whats going on, and I haven't checked fuel pressure yet I will do all that this weekend.

Anyone know can I pick up a fuel pressure tester from autozone for a TBI unit and should I hook it up inline with my fuel filter or at the TBI.

Right now I'm leaning towards bad fuel pressure regulator or bad fuel pump.
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Ok gentleman it was the fuel pump heh I replaced it runs liek a champ. But I think I killed the starter now, cause when I turn the key it only spins really fast and only catches sometimes and starts up. oh well time to go to napa and get a new one.

Anyone know how long it should take me to replace the starter on this beast?

4.3l V6 btw :)

Tell you the truth I work a lot on Nissans and Mazda's and the symptoms just matched up. So I said screw it fuel pump was only 35 bucks. Except my started went fubar now hehe.
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