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89 engine rebuild coming, need some input

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hello, im having my 89 astro 4.3 engine being rebuild in a few weeks.
want to know if anyone can offer any advice to increase power output a little, increase millage, and help reduce stress on engine so it lasts for awhile.
van currently has 250,000 miles on it, still runs, and pretty well i mite ad, just wanting a rebuild cuz i can tell its getting close to having major problems. the whole van shakes at idle, idles at 500rpm or lower. occasionally builds up and backfires through intake. timing is right, checked it with a gun..

also should i replace injectors after its rebuilt.

ive done alot of work on this van, ill be posting some pics when i get them taken, i think its looking really nice, and very unique.
looking forward to everyones comments when i post the pics.
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Well whats up man... i'm done with my engine except the sensors and plugs wires. ect.. WHAT i did.. was knife blade the crank.. polish'd the crank rods.. i gasket matched my intake heads and headers :) i did a full roller tip rockers lifters and cam.. i got i 93 4.3 Z block.. i got the biggest custom cam that will work my computer.. i got the throtle body checked and did a flow bench test and has pumped the injectors 1 size up.. has the throtle body spacer has a racing cat and 3 inch on flowmaster 44 series... from the machine shop and the cam company " DELTA CAM SHAFT in Tacoma Washington" they all say i'll be pumping about 295-305.. if i get under drive pulleys.. i can gain more.. :D :layrubber: hope it works fer ya !!!
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