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'92 Astro Tiger for sale..craigs ad..Moses Lake, Washington

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Well I tried to list it in the "for sale" section but I got dumped there for different reasons.. trying to link this Craigslist ad for those looking for one(AW..need another?).. NOT MINE!
Anyway..if you are looking for one..this might be a goody!

74K,new trans with 10K,etc..etc..NOW asking $9500(down in the ad)..description looks good!
I don't have $10K to spare right now...or a spot to park it..super dry climate area..
Good Luck!
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Hurry this won’t last
AW..need another?
Don't tempt me ;)

I see they are finally selling them, or at least one of them.
Aw..c'mon.. AW.. What would one more hurt? 😍 Like me you'd probably have to get a divorce with it! I had a hard time keeping ONE in the driveway for 15 years with constant "Why don't you give that to P-n-P around the's just sitting there..!" I'm pushing that limit with two now..but at least they are prettier now...and they both run..That's helpful..🙄

I don't know if anyone noticed..but he has TWO..there is another one sitting right behind the one for sale. .o_O
Aw..c'mon.. AW.. What would one more hurt? 😍
LOL That's what she said, that's how you end up with van, or child #2/3/4/5/6/7/8 ;)

Having them all running is important, I do have 1 donor that will probably never move under it's own power ever again as I already removed the rear end. Also have 1 that needs a transmission from said donor, it's on the 'one of these days' list.
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