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So a friend of mine got a 93 Gmc Safari AWD model. Definitely been used at 360k km but well maintained and no frame rust no issues outside of the odd stalling. (Plus got it for 500 )

Reason it's so cheap is the previous owner drove it for 40k km then it just stalled out/ died. He left it parked came back a month or two later and it drove fine for another 40k then died again.

Picked it up thinking we could maybe figure it out and give it a shot. Died going up hill in a suburb. After it died we were stuck on the empty hill so I tried to start it. Started then sputtered out, again and sputtered out faster. Lastly it was just sputtering while turning it over. Left it off for 45 and it started and drove fine up and over the hill.

So fuel issue right? Well a previous owner replaced the filter, pump, and TBI at 197k 21 years ago. Guy we bought it off of says fuel pressure was tested a ok.

It starts great, in park engine roars, on flat ground and takeoff plenty of power. But when I tried to go uphill in my neighbour hood it was running at 2000 rpm floored. Just no power. Smells like gas at idle.

My current thoughts:

Bad o2 sensor.
Some clog in fuel line
Some unknown ground/ wire short.

There are no error codes or check engine lights. It does rattle a bit when flooring it and letting it sink back to idle. Figured that's normal.
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