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94 astro no lights, horn ,start HELLLLLLP!

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THis has been on intermittant problem and now its full blown. 94 astro AWD.

I stated to have problems with one of the the auto start/alarm remotes. The other didn't have this problem. OK bad remote/ battery. Nope It would start and the for no reason die.( or just about die) always thought the installer butchered the installation, but I didn't want to get into that rats nest of untangling. I just avoided using the remote, and all seemed to work.

Well last night my son needed to move it to get his car out. Naturally he hit the remote to start. stated and stalled right out. Now it cranks like a champ but won't start. Remote or with the key. Also no lights, horn radio, remote mirrors, int lights.

I took out the alarm this morning. Didn't help. All fuses ok. Ideas????? Thanks
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Look on the firewall on right side of engine a circiut block of 4 wires is connected to fuse box behind the battery the other sid eof block connects to fuse box inside van ... Astros tend to burn up a connector or two on this block stopping power from getting to all the circuits...lights horn fuel pump relay..... some times you can clean it enuf to get home , but go buy a new one and fix it right so it don't strand you
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