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95 AWD camper van

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When I bought it in the fall.


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That came out looking great. Seriously.
I'd be having some words with the alignment shop. That could have killed you.
Must be something wrong. My 02s highway manners are better than anything else I've driven. Smooth, powerful, doesn't mind if I go 85 all day.
Mine has 230k and needs a little work, but won't get it until my arm is better.

I've already put in a Skip White distributor, plus plugs/wires/cap/rotor/coil/MAP and cleaned the IAC and throttle body (front and back) and put in a new spider injector.
I have a driver's side flange leak I have to fix ;)
Xrays are in the What did you do to your van thread.

Short answer, I severely broke it 5 weeks ago and had surgery 4 weeks ago. A plate and 13 screws.
Any tire that needed a lot of weight to balance, my FIL would remove the tire, move it on the rim, and try again. That usually solved the issue.
It's an old shop trick. The new kids aren't mechanics...
scorean said:
Ran out at lunch to get the rears mounted. Look good - plenty of clearance. The cutting I did before was more than enough (looks a little rough but I'll come back and clean it up)
Are they the same exact size as the fronts? Otherwise, with AWD, you can do some damage...
I bought a cheap, portable winch from HF several years of those just in case deals with a huge coupon. Then I used it to pull the Jeep Liberty out of the garage (no reverse) and onto the trailer to bring it home. Worked perfectly and paid for itself.

I've never had to use it again, but it lives in my Astro just in case.
^ you and me both.
Congrats on the house!

I actually do like fixer-uppers. I hate when I look at a house with tens of thousands of $$ in renovations and I hate nearly every design choice they made.

I'd rather make the design choices to fit me ;)
scorean said:
I think a pressure washer would blow most of the "wood" away.. lol. It's rough.
That's why the lowest setting says "soap" :lol:

Then you use one step higher to wash it off, no matter what the settings say. No blasting required.
scorean said:
The rear differential went as expected but I was pleasantly surprised to find the front differential didn't have a drain plug. I'm assuming that's because GM hates their customers.
My '02 and '05 do have drain plugs, but the '99 did not.

And yeah, it totally was a good idea to change all the fluids after the drowning.
scorean said:
Trying to do this front seal for the transfer case and it's turning into it's own new nightmare.. lol. I can't be the only one swearing at these torx looking bolts?
I've never looked at them - are they innies or outies? If outies, you need the E____ torx, which is External Torx. I know Pep Boys sells sets because I got one there, mostly for the headlight adjusters and the ignition switch. Came in handy for the wheel bearing/hub assembly on my Jeep Liberty, too.

Just looked and Sears and Home Depot has them, too.

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scorean said:
While I've got you guys here.. do I even have to remove these things or will the yoke pop out? I can't tell if it's got a nut behind the u-joint. It looks like it might though.
Excellent! I'm glad you got 'er done.
Rockridge said:
enjoying watching your progress on the van and house. Just was wondering why pressure treated inside?
Same here. I thought you weren't allowed to put pressure-treated wood inside because of outgassing?
3-point bombs, maybe ;)
whtnrdy said:
My buddy bought a house with a monster garage and decked it out with all the professional tools he could afford at the Time so he could build a kit car. He had no previous automotive experience. It has been over 10 years and he never got further than bolting front suspension to frame.
That's just a waste. Or a crime. Or both.

I don't have a garage at all at my house, not even a carport. If I did, my toolbox would be out there instead of in my dining room, and my 60 gal. air compressor also would be out there instead of in my outer basement (add-on under the kitchen, which was the porch when built in 1932). I'd have radiant heating to take the chill off in winter and a mini-split AC unit to remove humidity and the worst of the heat in summer. And I would use the hell out of it.
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