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95 AWD camper van

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When I bought it in the fall.


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Some kids turned it into shaggin wagon with spray paint before you bought it eh?

Gutting it was probably a smart idea ;)
Just don't look at the carpet/walls/ceiling/chairs with a UV light ;)
Hammerblow/RAM/Bulldog collar-lock coupler. They are awesome, can't screw it up, self tightening, my 16ft trailer had one. Hydraulic surge brakes are nice as well, don't have to worry about having a brake controller on every tow vehicle.
scorean said:
Found a decent little spot and made camp
:shock: That's a lot of leaves in close proximity to that fire ;)

Nice camping spot though, plenty of places to hang a hammock :)
scorean said:
Trying some different options on the arms. Going to be moving next weekend so this project may get put on hold until that's done.
Does the new place have a garage?
Glad to hear about the garage, hope you like your new place. I have always loved being on all kinds of boats, but never owned one myself, would love to learn to sail one of these years.
scorean said:
Pulled up the mattresses in the spare bedroom and the girl just turned and looked at me like I've got some sort of problem. I'm like hey, you knew what this was when we moved in...
ROFL, good thing we have daily meetings.

Hi everyone, glad you could be here today, my name is Will, and I'm an Astroholic.
scorean said:
Welp, the second leg of the journey is underway!
Awesome, bet you are pretty darn excited by now.
scorean said:
Hey, thanks for the suggestion and data. I saw that one but steered away because it talked about it being a starting battery vs deep cycle. I was under the impression you really wanted that deep cycle to prevent damage by draining it down. Thoughts?
I've touched on it a bit here: ... -and-fuses

My advice, go for the deep cycle.
Wimpazz said:
101 a bit low, try this one for same price

Prelim tests have my 1200w pure sine inverter running a 3.3cf fridge for about 17 hours (warm start) or 27 hours (cold start)... or a 8000btu window AC for 29 mins
What DoD are you using? How many cycles have you done with that battery?
So is that drop mechanism worth it? Seems like they really stick out far from the back of the van.

No way to get them a lot closer to the van body?
Looking good! Can always use extra storage.
Interesting choice with the fans, do they open/close? CFM rating? Are they pretty quiet?
I know I have seen them before, have a couple of links for us? These just might work for a specific usage case I have.
:thumbup: TY
scorean said:
Picked up some new shoes for the van tonight. 17x9 will be a nice upgrade over the stock 15's
Nice score!
Congrats on the new place, I see that it has the most important thing, a place for your tools/van!

It's amazing what a pressure washer and 10 gallons of paint will do ;)
Looking good Sam!
Snapped shaft on the power steering pump.
Shrink, want to twist, corrode normal steel fasteners, etc
1 - 20 of 1581 Posts
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