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95 AWD camper van

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When I bought it in the fall.


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It was probably cortana. I don't like the idea of them listening to me all the time so I have deleted and disabled what I can (cortana, google speech to text, my location, etc.). I assume the tape above the screen is over the webcam? It's crazy what technology can do, and what people/companies use technology for. Such as this case I linked to, they used SAVED recordings of what they said to convict someone. ... index.html

or the fact that tesla's battery packs are software limited, so the upcharge for the larger battery pack is simply just a software update away. ... ryone.html

WinnieVan said:
I should keep a piece of 4x8 plywood around to put under my van while working in the dirt... that's a good idea!
We keep the floor section of a truck bedliner for that reason. We never use it though....
For the basement you should check out this thread on the sportsmobileforum. ... -3004.html

Its a good, but long, read. The basement is at the bottom of the table of contents under "undervan storage box"
hopefully someone else can confirm, but I'm pretty sure the mounting of the dashes is a lot different. Gen1 is a bunch of bolts along the base of the windshield and Gen 2 is a few to the crossmember? I kind of forget. Something like that.
That is all of the bolts that my 95 had. Have you disconnected the lines from the pump already? Mine came out easily without taking the bracket off. I took the lines off though.
Do the rear tires rub when you hit bumps? They seem a little tight in the wheel well.
scorean said:
Thanks! Next step is to get it cleaned up and much as possible, change the valve cover gaskets and plugs, swap out the oil pan, and get it into the Astro. I know everyone does a rebuild or at least a refresh and scrubs down their subframe and rust treats everything when they do a swap but I'm going to hold off on all that. My goal is to get it into the van and running as quickly as possible. I'll come back later and do all the refinement stuff. I still want to upgrade to a steering rack and coil overs so this subframe will be coming back out in the near future anyway.
Thats the same route I took. Currently have subframe pulled out and prepping stuff to put it back in. Although I'm not sure I will have it done before winter comes.
Sorry if I missed it, but are you going through the front or the bottom?
scorean said:
Hey everyone, what is this plug and how do I unplug it?! Haha

It's above the engine on the passenger side.
Can't tell if this is sarcasm, but its not actually a plug. It's got little tabs on the inside of the footwell to pull it through. Its got 3 plugs on the other side. 2 for the computer and a 3rd one that goes into the dash. Once you unplug the connections you can pull it through the hole

I can get a picture of mine if you need it
scorean said:
That's not sarcasm, I didn't know what I was dealing with there. Haha. I know some things about this van but there's tons of things I dont have any clue what it is. Anyway, after goofing around with it, I got to the clips on the back side and the pcm connectors. I dont see the feed up into the dash but I'm sure it's somewhere. What does the one in the dash do? Instrument cluster?
I think its for the speedo and something else. Its not a very big plug.

Btw I used some 12 ton stands from harbor freight to hold the van up and roll the frame out. You having a lift and tires and all means they probably won't be tall enough. I still couldn't get the dipsticks to clear (v8 dipsticks, not v6) so I had to tip the back of the frame up with a motorcycle jack and roll it far enough to clear the bottom of the radiator support.

Do you still have the original rims and tires? you could slap those on and probably clear it.
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Big_kid said:
This got me to wondering... are there more posters here with V8 95's than V6 these days?
Out of the regular posters, I think so.

Coaster has v6 still (last I heard anyway)
Me, you, and scorean are the only other regular posters with 95's I think. There is a guy who's username I forget. His name is Jeff though. I'm pretty sure he is in the process or already has v8 swapped his van though.
The shift bracket you should be able to. The new vans (96+) use a cable and don't have it so you shouldn't need it.

I remember thinking those tabs looked like locating features for the trans crossmember. Mine is 2wd, not awd like yours so that might not make sense when you look at it.
Astrofarian said:
icebrrg3rd said:
Thanks. Oh, and a rear-mounted rack put in front might mean you turn right to go left...

I was wondering about this, myself?
Thats just an anti theft device. :rofl:

Have you seen this one? skip to 3:37 to watch him ride it.

Is there a reason you are only looking at dodge trucks?
The impact sensor is right there. I haven't looked that closely on mine, but the front mount sensors look very similar. Mine is in the same location btw.

I can't decide If I want to or not. I'm still on the edge.
I don't think it is really necessary. You could just move it though if you want to keep it. Engine is always making vacuum unless at WOT so the vent should pretty much stay where its at.
I'm not very familiar with the ls engines, where is the dipstick usually?
Send the nice weather up north will ya!

I'm waiting for it to be consistently above freezing to mess with the van.
You're pretty good at fab stuff. Instead of swapping springs you could just make it RHD. Then it will even out over time :D :?
Where are these located?? Ive scoured my 87 trying to locate them with no success.
Does it have airbags?
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