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95 LT1 into 93 TBI van

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I just picked up a 95 LT1 Cop car engine. Iron head. I have the complete engine, wiring harness, PCM and accessories. I just scored a set of factory service manuals for the 95 Caprice off Ebay to go with my Astro manuals. The wiring harness is very intimidating. Much different than my CPI to TBI conversion. Does anyone have any write up about your LT1 swap and/or pics? Mainly I need a starting point. How much of the harness will I need to use? How did you mount the accessories? Do you know how much crap I can get rid of on the engine? This damn thing bent my engine stand it is so heavy. All I need emmission wise is cats to pass inspection. Thanks for the help.
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when you said the wiring harness is intimidating ..well that is really profound.
time is a big factor. it takes time. for me i had to be by myself and think of a new harness at $300+ dollars. i used labels, diagrams, solder, butane, and plenty shrink wrap.

i have a '95 LT1 from a buick roadmaster with a soloman tune. and the van is a '87.
this is all need to RUN engine for OBD1.
no emissions
no vats
VSS codes disabled. for the 700r4. another 95 4L60e trans is showing up here soon...there may be stalling coming up to a red right caused by no VSS. i dunno yet, and this may not happen. maybe idle screw tuning will help??

-ign module
-and ks(s)

I am ready to sew mine up and start engine here really dang soon.

yet i am still baffled where i should place PCM.

i thought of replacing battery location and mounting PCM there.
i thought of replacing old ECM and fabricating a location there for the PCM.


yes you will have to modify the frame using the non-corvette accessories/bracket for the a/c compressor. I got an a/c delete pulley for temporary. also i am going to have to customize another location for the ac dryer, cause i will probably keep the camaro/impala/buick style bracket on that side.

i have yet to buy a battery for the van. i got a single 16" 220 watt fan on ebay for $38. i bought a new starter cause engine came with out, for $52. i am using 700r4 (i will need aftermarket tcc lock up kit) and original radiator. egr block off plates on ebay, $12. i got a/c delete pulley on ebay for $38. later when more time and money is available i will get bracket for a/c and mount at the corvette style location. new melling 55HV. oil and consumables; less than $1000 for van and LT1.
time=priceless. about 2 weeks of gathering all i needed. about 2 weeks of hands on actual time involved. but i have been on this project longer.

exhaust will be simple true dual with out catalytic(s).

i have a problem with the heat shield on the LT1 factory manifold on left side of engine touching the floorboard. the slots in the JTR mounts are not jammed up yet and i think i can get engine over 3/8" - 1/2" and maybe trim there at the floor board where the doghouse cover comes up to meet.

i got lost in my wiring for it seemed perplexing to begin. it was time consuming. but it can be done. there is therapy in it. lol. and it is an education. but i have good news!! i did it so can you.

my info came from :
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the 70's had a carburetor on a LT1.
then the LT1 come out in the 92 corvettes.
the LT4 came out in 96 corvettes.
where is this 3rd LT1?

LT5 ..good luck
L99 is the 4.3.
obdII has 4 O2s.
obdI has 2 O2s, but the '94 and '95 LT1s can have a obdII aldl connector but running for a obdI system. confusing and "Back to the Future"
'96 all GM PCM was OBDII
'95 pcm is the best i am told for it's simplicity.
Mr_Bowtie said:
I love the way the LT4 motor looks.......reminds me of a TPI injection on steroids! :rockon: Just wouldn't want to dish the money out to rebuild one of those motors.
the LT5 looks similar to Tuned Port Injection (TPI)
does the LT5 drive the 4 cams like the North-Star?
(chain and sprocket?)
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