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95 LT1 into 93 TBI van

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I just picked up a 95 LT1 Cop car engine. Iron head. I have the complete engine, wiring harness, PCM and accessories. I just scored a set of factory service manuals for the 95 Caprice off Ebay to go with my Astro manuals. The wiring harness is very intimidating. Much different than my CPI to TBI conversion. Does anyone have any write up about your LT1 swap and/or pics? Mainly I need a starting point. How much of the harness will I need to use? How did you mount the accessories? Do you know how much crap I can get rid of on the engine? This damn thing bent my engine stand it is so heavy. All I need emmission wise is cats to pass inspection. Thanks for the help.
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what is the difference between the baby and the big boy. I have thought about this swap myself and it is good to learn I am not the only one. I would assume size but what does the different sizes equal out to.
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