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95 LT1 into 93 TBI van

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I just picked up a 95 LT1 Cop car engine. Iron head. I have the complete engine, wiring harness, PCM and accessories. I just scored a set of factory service manuals for the 95 Caprice off Ebay to go with my Astro manuals. The wiring harness is very intimidating. Much different than my CPI to TBI conversion. Does anyone have any write up about your LT1 swap and/or pics? Mainly I need a starting point. How much of the harness will I need to use? How did you mount the accessories? Do you know how much crap I can get rid of on the engine? This damn thing bent my engine stand it is so heavy. All I need emmission wise is cats to pass inspection. Thanks for the help.
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Lockdoc, I think there is still some of my posting in the archive on my LT1 swap. I will take a look and see what I can find. Since I did my swap I have learned a lot more about the wiring which I had Jim at ( [email protected] ) mesh my wiring harness together.I put mine together in OBD 1 so I would not have to go through the inspection here in NC. I am only running two oxygen sensors, but I am using the full smog set up so I can get the 22 miles to a gallon that I do. I will get back to you
Bill, I just went through the archives and I can't find my post either. It was a long one that lots of members were in on when I did my swap. It must have gotten lost in the last crash.If you got this engine out of a Caprice,make sure it is not the BABY LT1.Here is a website that helps on the ID your block:
This website gives you some info the basic connections:
This is the guy I used to program the vats out of my PCM.:

I am running a Camaro Bracket and camaro radiator but I am getting ready to change it to the Corvette one so I can get my AC back .You have to notch the frame if you use the camaro-caprice bracket for the compressor. Even that does not give you much room to work.
I will get back with some more info soon.
Bill , If it is a 16188051 part number it is an OBD 1 PCM and the one you need.
Bill , I can't wait to see you get it shined up like I had mine when I 1st installed it.

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