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OK....... New member here. I found this site but looking up parts for my van.
I just bought a 95 GMC Safari SLX model for $300
I have always wanted this type of van and I finally got one.

I gotta ask those, how do I post pics here. Not really familiar but if someone can point me in the right direction.

The van is a simple van but it's going to need some work. The owner passed away a few years ago and the family wanted to scrap the van at the junkyard but didn't want it to go there.

I wanna show my build cause I have seen a lot of information on this site so it's the least I can do.
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WildBorego said:
I just bought a 95 GMC Safari SLX model for $300
I have always wanted this type of van and I finally got one.
Nice find for $300, can't beat that with a stick!

Welcome to the site!
You definitely did. What are your ultimate plans for the van?
There are two separate power wires that run to those headlights/bulbs, so if they are both not working, check the connector and the ground connection.
NP, sounds like you found the problem. Should be an easy fix.
WildBorego said:
Cut off the old headlight pigtail and replaced it with a new one (ACDelco) using the heat shrink butt connectors and she is working perfectly.

Now I can install my led Headlights like I wanted to!!!!
AWESOME! Which LEDs are you going with?
LOL, when it rains. Just slide a 13mm socket with an extension between the grill and the hood and remove the two bolts. Takes 20seconds, use a file folder or something to prevent scratches.
Could also be the damper/pulsator in the tank leaking. That would cause it not to hold pressure.
Fan-tastic! Glad to hear you got it running again!
By the time you are done, all the wear parts will have been replaced.

Is it only shutting down at idle? Randomly?
Was that directly after the replacement?

I would give it some time, could have been trying to adjust fuel/air based on the old values.
Ill need to replace the spare tire soon............ cause I don't have one
You see that way too often, there are additional locks/support that you can add as well, just makes it harder to remove the spare when you need it.
1 - 12 of 150 Posts
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