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OK....... New member here. I found this site but looking up parts for my van.
I just bought a 95 GMC Safari SLX model for $300
I have always wanted this type of van and I finally got one.

I gotta ask those, how do I post pics here. Not really familiar but if someone can point me in the right direction.

The van is a simple van but it's going to need some work. The owner passed away a few years ago and the family wanted to scrap the van at the junkyard but didn't want it to go there.

I wanna show my build cause I have seen a lot of information on this site so it's the least I can do.
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Welcome! We have been seeing younger people buying these old things,possibly because they are larger than the crap out there,now,but you will also find,more dependable.Good luck,keep us informed,if you can,and enjoy!!
All old style GM engines develop carbon, sludge and crap in the intake/combustion chamber systems, this is not new. These and some ford engines is what made BG44K such a popular item(even some European cars,also). So much, that Dorman Products developed a gasket for the EGR valves,that has a fine screen in it,to help prevent this.
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