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OK....... New member here. I found this site but looking up parts for my van.
I just bought a 95 GMC Safari SLX model for $300
I have always wanted this type of van and I finally got one.

I gotta ask those, how do I post pics here. Not really familiar but if someone can point me in the right direction.

The van is a simple van but it's going to need some work. The owner passed away a few years ago and the family wanted to scrap the van at the junkyard but didn't want it to go there.

I wanna show my build cause I have seen a lot of information on this site so it's the least I can do.
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I figured something out lol
sixsix said:
Welcome from us in N. Ky.
Looks like the Side Door area - Good Luck w/ that!
90safari said:
That area looks like it's just inside the rear doors.
I never thought to look at the direction of the 'Ribs' - good eye!

There are new seals avail.
Yes the passenger rear Door..... i just ordered some seals.. ... UTF8&psc=1

I hope it fits the sliding door and the rear door too.
AstroWill said:
WildBorego said:
I just bought a 95 GMC Safari SLX model for $300
I have always wanted this type of van and I finally got one.
Nice find for $300, can't beat that with a stick!

Welcome to the site!
i got lucky!!
AstroWill said:
You definitely did. What are your ultimate plans for the van?
My daily driver.
Fishing, Beach, Cruise rearlly

Just installed the rear seal, holy crap I can feel the difference trying to close the doors.

Hope this helps with the water.

Replace the factory Delco radio and the factory speakers on the dash, still gotta work on the rear ones next.

So now I have tunes all the way around.
Okay so now I need some help.......

I replace the Door handle....(driver side) made some holes in the door and installed it.

I replace the power window switch since the passenger side of the button was broken.
replaced the power lock switch since it was old and looked worn out a bit.
Replace the door lock actuator (Dorman 746-014) it wasn't working properly(felt weak)

Ok so now..... the actuator is stronger but I have to hit the button 2-3 times to make sure it locks.
I replace the Power Relay (SMP RY116) and the Power Lock Relay (SMP RY246)

Still nothing..... I can lock it but the button doesn't unlock!!!
Maybe a broken wire?
But the thing is if I hit the button on the passenger side to unlock it, the driver side actuator thumps like it's trying to unlock. I don't understand? Is the pigtail on the driver's side wired wrong or something???
See less See more

Found the issue... Broken wires (2) in the driver side-flex hose

But it's still not strong enough.... maybe it needs more lube or something?
Maybe the actuator is no good??
Well for now I found and fixed (butt connector) the problem

I had to lube the door lock rods...... The previous owner had them packed full of red grease...... I don't know why

After working them hardback and forth.... they finally loosened up a bit. The actuator is now WORKING PROPERLY!!!
only the driver's side lol!!!!!!

Oh well.... I'll work on the passenger side next time and document that later..... It's noon time and time for Whiskey!

Lube (Blaster 16lg) is your friend!
Okay so now I need help with Headlights..... the Passenger side does not come on at all. Low beam or High.
No power from the pigtail but the fuse isn't blown. The driver side comes on though.....

Where do I look next?
AstroWill said:
There are two separate power wires that run to those headlights/bulbs, so if they are both not working, check the connector and the ground connection.
Just came back from outside.......Brrrrr it's windy and getting cold. Yup, if I giggle pigtail I get power for a second then it goes away..... Looks like a bad pigtail. Oh well, II guess ill get one tomorrow after work or something.


Cut off the old headlight pigtail and replaced it with a new one (ACDelco) using the heat shrink butt connectors and she is working perfectly.

Now I can install my led Headlights like I wanted to!!!!
AstroWill said:
WildBorego said:
Cut off the old headlight pigtail and replaced it with a new one (ACDelco) using the heat shrink butt connectors and she is working perfectly.

Now I can install my led Headlights like I wanted to!!!!
AWESOME! Which LEDs are you going with? ... UTF8&psc=1
Rod's Trucks said:
I thought you were going to install LED Headlights... :confused:
so I was waiting to ask how you liked them.
I guess I misunderstood the previous note.
Most of my interior lamps are LED, and I really like them. I used the amber lamps in one of each of the overhead fixtures. I can use just the amber lights when I do not need a lot of light, so it does not attract the bugs as much when out in the woods.
Rod J
I was trying to test the regular lights and see if I can make them work....... now that I know they work I plugged in the LED lights.
I'll wait for the weather to clear up a bit and post pics but Damn they are bright
Rod's Trucks said:
Yes, I figured you were going to try to get the head lights working You would need that anyway to use the new LED's; but the Amazon link you listed came up with basic LED marker lamps style bulbs, instead of head lights.
That is why I was confused...more than I am on any normal day.
I am glad you found the problem and now have functional head lights.
Rod J
Issaquah, Wa ... UTF8&psc=1

i picked this and they are ready to use. ill post pics later today.

Heading to a JY to find a seat belt for the front passenger side

Got to test the lights and drive around town for a bit. The lights work awesome.
Rod's Trucks said:
THANKS for the link for that listing! Those look very interesting as drop-in units, and DOT approved.
I had not seen anything like that before. :rockon:
How is the pattern? In particular; the upper cut-off when on the low beam?
Rod J
Issaquah, WA
i take more pics at night
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