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There are probably pictures in the FSM. Like stated above it's pretty straight-forward.

Basically remove the fan, belt and shrouds so you have room to work, disconnect the linkages and lines, remove three bolts.

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The gearbox has 3 bolts, and you disconnect the linkage.
Two hydraulic lines and the input shaft (1 bolt if I recall)
Not aware of any airbag issues.. or any other issues.
I merely offered a reason why you might not be finding much on it
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I don't think it was an issue on mine, it sat for almost a year with the steering column disconnected, but you can use the seat belt to hold the wheel still until it's time to reinstall it.

The steering linkage has 1 pinch bolt on each end. I chose to disconnect at the firewall side (Not sure if it is better one way or the other). Then I would remove the pitman arm connection from the steering link (I think that is the name). Then unbolt the gear box. Overall it wasn't too difficult. The hardest part for me was getting the gear bolted back up because I could barely hold it up with one arm.

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Also, I have a 95 parts van that does similar to what you are describing with the dipstick. The tube is actually two pieces. I think it is supposed to be spot welded together, but I'm not sure. It separated though so now most of the time when you put the dipstick in it comes out the split and doesn't go in the oil pan.

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Well as it turns out鈥.. the low oil issue is was a big clue on what鈥檚 leaking and as it turns out
after crawling under for a look see it turned out that my leaking oil cooler lines are the problem.
They leaked all over the steering box and I assumed it was a leaking s gear. Nope 馃槚
It is not the steering it鈥檚 the leaking OE oil lines are the problem. Guess I鈥檒l be replacing the cooler lines and it also looks like a PITA 馃が
Everything is so crammed into the front of these astros there鈥檚 very little working room
and getting under and around this van is something difficult to do in my old age.
$100 for the upper and lower hoses
Shipped her in podunk Az.!!!!!!
Decided to eliminate the whole factory
Oil cooler set up by plugging radiator ports
Cutting the oil filter adapter lines shorter
and doing a remote Fan assisted stacked plate oil cooler under the van 馃憤 (better cooling anyway and two less lines clogging up the engine compartment.
AND, the same cost as replacing the oil lines 馃槑
Research has shown That factory spaghetti noodle oil line set up is Wrought with issues.馃憥
Thanks all鉁
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