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'95 w/95K miles, New Issue...

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This morning after starting my van and getting on the road, a new problem has arisen. When I take off from a standing start, the van is lacking a bit of power (almost feels like a brake is dragging- they're not, I made sure). It feels like the van is trying to pull 10,000 pounds of weight. I only drove it 2-3 miles, then headed back home.

After test driving it in my neighborhood, the van doesn't shift out of first gear until you step the throttle down at least 1/2 way, then it quickly upshifts into second, but not harshly. I would say it upshifted too early, if anything. It's hard to say as I don't want to push it too hard and make anything worse.

I replaced the O2 sensor this morning as I got a "13" SES code and the SES light came on yesterday, but replacing it didn't change anything, other than eliminating the 13 code.

I've never had any trans issues since I bought it in March. Trans fluid level is correct. Fluid and filter were both changed two months ago with the correct DexMerc fluid. No signs of overheating, no hard shifting- no sign of bad things to come.

I read about the 1-2 shift solenoid issues, but I'm not sure if this qualifies, as there's no hard shifting.

I had the TC unbolted Sunday when I was searching for a persistent rattle, and now I'm wondering if I didn't index it properly. I marked it before I removed the three bolts, but I can't honestly remember if I matched it up again when I bolted it back to the flexplate. Does it have to be re-attached the way it was positioned before I unbolted it, or does it not matter?

Suggestions welcome.
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Why would you have to swap tailshafts?

If the forward clutch is slipping, there would have been (or would have now) some friction material in the tranny fluid. I'm assuming that it was a pretty red color before (or currently is now).
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