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98 Astro window sweeps

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Looking for a source for inner and outer window sweep mouldings. Not the felt channels but the mouldings at the bottom of the windows. Thanks Jim
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I bought some for this thread..recommendation from Astrowill,,supposed to be for camaros? but basically the same setup.these were about 1/4" to 1/2" too long but east trim to fit.
I put them on my 1990 but I think I measured my 2004..appear to be the same length.There are small clips that hook on the seam flange next to the glass.
I had one problem with one that was slightly bowed backwards when I got it..You really can't easily straighten them.With some adhesive along the back 4-6" and taped down to dry,,I think it is holding at the rear corner point..but I haven't operated that passenger window.I need to address a broken wire to the switch again,;was hard to fit everything back in after fixing the broken wire..might not have worked when I fixed the wire before in the tube/spring between the door and the jamb.The other driver's side one works fine and as it should..easy to put them in..unless it isn't straight.I should have sent it back for a replacement.the back-bow was maybe only 1/8" but enough that it wouldn't sit right.I assume if it doesn't lock/glue down in place, and operating the window; it might chuck it off somewhere on the highway!
If I ever order another set,I'll inform the seller to "check that they are straight or expect a return".If they can't do that,you shouldn't deal with them.
The trimming is simple.just wth a pair of weiss snips a tiny bit at the back window jamb..about 5 minutes or less..otherwise they should go in and fit fine,starting at the front end of the van,just make sure to clean off the muck and mire along that outside flange for the clips that hold them down nd clean the glass before installing the new ones..
To get the old ones off(once the new ones arrive)..just lightly pry up starting at the back corner,,and pop them off towards the front end.I put a thin putty knife with blue tape on the putty knife's blade to protect the paint against the painted edge with a 3/4" chisel on top of that to pry with..and worked down the edge towards the front end.That's another 5 minute job.
Putting new ones in..reverse the direction and start putting the new ones at the front and work towards the back end.
My old thread here about them..and Astrowill's link..--->

The inside ones..sorry,can't help you there.I just cleaned my old inside ones as best I could after they sat for 14 years outside;work fine..Yours may not be that bad inside.
...I just ran outside and compared the window felts on the 2 Astros..1990 and 2004..They appear to both be 30-5/8" long pieces and the same shape(about 3/8" on th outside vertical yours to that..probably the same.
The price?..yeah..seems high... but there isn't anything else out there cheaper that works as well and easy to replace that I could find.Mine have been on 6-8 months now with minimal use..I've been working on the van more than driving it..don't appear to leak.
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