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98 oil pressure ?

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My 98 runs 80 psi cold and 60 psi when warm at speed and 40+ at idle. Is this too high? I have 2 1st generation S10s and they run lower pressures both 4.3.
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Your pressures sound typical to me... maybe a tad on the high side.
But if your starting engine in sub-zero weather, than this would be expected.

I recently found however (when mine was doing that)... it was gunk build-up. (kind of like high pressure of clogged arteries). Of course this is on an engine with over 250K miles. If you're not experiencing engine tick when first started, you are probably ok. Regular oil changes are a must.. additives may be helpful. Mine developed a loud tick, and I resolved it with harsh oil flush... but my overall pressures dropped a little afterwards as well.

It is always typical for pressure to be high when cold (oil is thick).. and pressures will drop as oil gets hot. Lower mileage engines typically maintain strong steady pressures as well.
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