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'99 Morning "No Start" issue....

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Replaced entire fuel sender unit in January for "no start" issue and then rebuilt unit in June for same problem. Now, I am having same issue - the van won't start without some ether in the morning ( 70's) but then will start okay without ether for the rest of the day. But, let it sit overnight and it won't start on its on in the morning. I have connected a fuel pressure gauge and have been checking the readings through out the day. In the morning, the fuel pressure will not get above 55 lbs. while at other times during the day, the pressure is 58 - 60 lbs. Also, in the morning, the pressure seems to drop rapidly (55 down to 50 in a minute or so), but does not drop for the rest of the day. It seems like starting the engine once will make it okay for 24 hours and then you have to repeat the ether process to get it going again. Any thoughts or suggestions?

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Thanks for the reply, Matrixx - I replaced plugs, wires, cap, rotor, pcv valve, fuel filter, air filter with last pump rebuild (3 weeks ago). I also replaced coolant temp sensor within last 6 months. Really frustrating to have the same starting issue pop up again and again. Just a shot of ether in the morning and it starts fine, runs fine and idles fine. No problem starting for the rest of the day. But let it sit overnight and you gotta do the ether thing to bust it off! I live in Texas so the mornings are 70 - 80 degrees and rest of day 90 - 100. Does the higher temp build more pressure in the system maybe?

I haven't noticed any irregularities with the turn signals or any other electrical systems at all. I'll keep a look out for them though. This morning, the van turned over and seemed to want to fire but wouldn't (as ususal). I then gave it a short burst of ether - started right up, idled fine and ran good all 12 miles to work. The van sat all day until 3 PM. I then started the van with no problem and drove home. It sat for 7 hours and started okay but if it sits for 12-14 overnight, then it won't start without ether. Odd duck for sure...

I disconnected IAT sensor this morning and had same trouble but it did finally start without ether on 4th attempt (although it stumbled in doing so). I hooked sensor back up and let the engine idle for 2 minutes. I turned it off and then restarted. It fired right off (even with IAT connected). I am not getting any trouble codes at all so I don't think it is a problem with IAT but I just don't know what else could be the culprit. It is either a lack of fuel or too much air (lean mixture) - would that be the correct assumption? But, why would it start okay at later times? Just a problem with the inital morning start...
Still having morning start issues. I drove the van over 800 miles this last week end and had no problems once it started in the morning. I have noticed an electrical irregularity - my power door locks activate by themselves at times! But this happens while I am driving down the road and not in the morning when I am trying to start the van. It starts and runs fine after an inital ether start in the morning...

I ain't got a clue.... your help is appreciated! :wave:
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