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a/c leaks, common place to look?

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Are there any common places to look for A/c leaks? My compressor was cycling alot this summer, low about a pound, so I topped it off. It has been good all season, but it seems to cycle more frequently lately. Any places to look first?

2001 safari w/ front and rear air.

Thanks, Jim :)
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next time you refill it, put in the refrigerant with dye. Then check the evaporator core, the front of the compressor,and the lines going into and out of the compressor. If it's not one of those, keep looking. If you have rear a/c, someone else might have a few tips too about where to start on those as well.
One of mine leaks out the front compressor seal, the other has a slow leak out the seal around the pressure switch on back of the compressor,which I didn't find until I fixed the leaking suction and output line seals.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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