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a/c leaks, common place to look?

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Are there any common places to look for A/c leaks? My compressor was cycling alot this summer, low about a pound, so I topped it off. It has been good all season, but it seems to cycle more frequently lately. Any places to look first?

2001 safari w/ front and rear air.

Thanks, Jim :)
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I did use dye, but have not looked real hard yet, Just a quick look around. nothing obvious yet.
It never really leaked out completely. Over the summer the compressor was cycling alot and I had to top it off. Now it seems to be cycling more often again. I figured I would look around a bit before next summer.
O.K. it's hot out again. The system leaked down over the winter. I added a couple of cans with dye to try and find the leak. As soon as I removed the low side connector, I could hear a hissing sound coming from the shreader valve. I was able to recover it with a Robinaire machine and replace the valve. After vacuuming it down, it passed a leak test. But I am still skeptical that this was the leak. After letting it sit for a few hours, I checked the van with a "sniffer". At times it would indicate leakage from the vents, but not always. I am thinking of pulling the blower motor to see if there is any evidence of dye. Anyone know if you can get a good look through the blower hole? How tough is an evaporator to do?

yes, i do. i will check the drain. seems alot easier than pulling the blower motor. Thanks for the tip!
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