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A.C Revamp

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So Bethany came to me with A.C Blowing hot and only working on High and not Low....I immediately assume the blower motor resistor not to mention the (Rear AC Switch) and connector is burnt...
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(Amazons sending another,it arrived broken)

more recently now when turned on the compressor really has a noise to all in all this AC needs Tobe Revamped...

(one of the 1st shops i took her too when they gave me a new ECM, Dash Cluster and alternator, i asked them if they could look at for me, when picking the van up i asked again and the owner dished it off and told me i had a leak and it wasnt worth paying the money($2700+) required to fix it,but i honestly believe they didnt even really look and they dont wanta do the job)....

I have rear ac assembly as well (I'm praying that the rear is fine) cause I did't order anything for the rear except for a New Rear AC Switch, i had to take a picture and match up the burnt connector for the switch, with all my concern being directed up front.....

I do have a evaporator and rear blower motor and resistor on standby in my wishlist if that becomes something i have to handle

For now I ordered all the baseline components for the front:

-Delphi Compressor
- GM blower motor
-GM Dryer
-Acdelco office tube(Severe Duty)
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I had to go with a 4 seasons evaporator as they or the only manufacturers for our van at this time
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They wanted $28-32 for acdelco o ring set....I grabbed the exact same set from 4 seasons for $5 on amazon
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Instead of GM, i opted for the Dorman blower motor Resistor due to it also coming with a connector as well(which also might be affected)
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My mechanic said nothing about a. Condenser but with my own study I went ahead and grabbed one(rather have it and not use it, and just return it)
I went with the spectrum premium model off Amazon($140) seem Tobe trusted with special attention given to anti-corrosive model(aluminum with coating)

Only thing I didn't purchase was hoses in which I feel like I should get just in case one of them has a Leak point

Idk.....I always try my best to set shi up so I can attack as much as I can at one time, or if anything comes up(discovered)ill have the part ready

Please tell me if Im missing something.....or advise me if I'm attacking this correctly.....I'm approaching this in away so I can avoid the pricey AC shops, but get this done before summer burns my azz alive
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Well then, you came to the right place to talk about A/C.

Seems to me like you are grabbing a few too many parts for your problem.
Whenever you have a melting connector, 99 out of 100 its the blower motor overamping due to drying out of the bearings. The other 1 is the connector being loose.
If the connector is burnt, you cover your bases and replace that connector, the resistor pack and the blower motor at the same time. Problem gone.
Same for the rear A/C, if the connector is burnt, replace the motor.
Because a compressor is noisy does not mean you have to replace everything it's attached to.
If it's blowing hot air, is the compressor even turning? Is the clutch engaging when you turn the A/C on? Is the clutch the noisy part? You may simply have a leak and a noisy clutch.
There is absolutely no need to replace the condenser and evaporator.
Of the hundreds (if not thousands by now) of A/C systems I have ever worked on, I have never seen an evaporator or condenser needing to be replaced unless physically damaged. May need to be cleaned of debris, but never replaced. Same for orifice tubes. Unless damaged or clogged beyond recognition, clean the original and stick it back in.

So start from scratch and inspect everything - BEFORE replacing everything. You will find out you now have a supply of unneeded parts on hand.
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Don't misunderstand. I have no problem replacing parts. If they need to be.
If there is nothing wrong with the original parts, I try to reuse them whenever possible.
At least most of those original parts were made here or in Canada, not china and are of a superior quality.
But if someone feels better installing new parts to prevent problems down the road, I don't blame them.
Said it before, it's your vehicle and you do whatever you want with it.
Party on brother.
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Yes, but I'm not barking orders at 4am.
Schooling is a good thing but only if you actually learn something.
Since you're learning, mission accomplished.
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