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A topic suggestion

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As a newcomer to this forum, I have been poking around the place and am enjoying it so far. I was noticing that in some areas, there are tutorials regarding certain subjects and found,what I think, is a need for another. I was in the tire area and saw many questions about "what size fits..." questions, and some of the replies seem to imply a lack of knowing what the numbers in the sizes really mean. Also, an experience with my '93 AWD points out an urgent need for this info. I would be happy to write a short thread about tire sizes if you(administrators) would like me to. I used to work in the motorcycle industry for about 12 years, and tires, while physically different, use the same sizing system.

My story: I bought a set of 4 tires. They sold me(on the receipt) 70 series size tires, but the tire they installed was 75 series. Not a problem in itself, but 2 years later, when I went to another branch of the same company to get 2 of them replaced, I flashed the original receipt and they sold me the 70 series. The difference between 70s on the front, and 75s on the rear ate up my transfer case in about 3 weeks. It was my transmission guy that figured out why, and that info forced the tire company to pay for the transfer case repair, about $800.00, about 7 or 8 years ago.
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AstroAustin said:
PS. Sorry to hear about the bad experience you had with the tire sizes.
Live and learn. It only cost me time. I also got a second pair of tires so all 4 would match. I will post the tutorial later tonight.
My mistake was not double checking what the tire guys did.
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