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abs light is on

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I put new front shocks on my 95 Astro. It was no fun since corrosion had rusted the nuts to the top of the shaft on both sides. After some "Sunday school language" my only choice was to undo the top ball joints, lift the upper A arm out of the way and cut off the shafts of the shocks. This was successful and the job is now complete, the van rides much better now that the original 200,000 mile shocks have been replaced. Now the ABS light is on, I assume that I pulled the wire on one side or another to far and disconnected or broke one of the wires. Is there a common place where these wires are prone to failure. I know pulling the wires was a bonehead move, this was a 2 hour job that ended up taking way to long so I was frustrated.

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They usually break right beside a mounting clip on the cotrol arm.
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