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AC diverter valve hose broken

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Recently, air stopped blowing from my upper vents, so I'm going to remove the doghouse and dive in later today. Does a vacuum routing diagram exist anywhere? Maybe from the service manual? Can you buy that thin plastic vacuum line in bulk (like off a spool) from a parts store or do you have to get the GM stuff?

By the way, has anybody managed to fix the issue with the driver side floor vent getting almost nothing, and the passenger side cooking?
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Oops I should have posted that I fixed it already. They had the exact replacement part at the dealership. A 3' plastic tube with 90deg rubber elbows at each end. $10.
Once I had the engine cover off it was easy to find.
Thanks for posting the diagram though. I'm sure others will appreciate it and it will come in handy again in the future.
One thing I didn't figure out is my knee level vents are very weak. I had everything taken apart and I didn't get anywhere. The top of the dash is bolted to a metal frame from the back where you can't get to it, and all the ducting is underneath it. Oh well, project for another time.
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