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AC Help! AC not blowing out vents... No ac in AZ summer!!

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Im sure you saw my other thread about my engine... and now this! In the summer of arizona!

The ac doesnt blow out of the vents, only out of the defrost?

I read the other threads but most of them refer to older astros..

So it is probably the vacuum line right? can anyone point me to which one or a diagram or picture??

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Hi Ap577

Yes in most cases it is in fact a faulty vacuum line (even for the late model vans (96+))..The most problematic is the one running along the front of the engine from the drivers side over to the heater control valve (passenger side below the heater core itself near the frame rail (just above it)).

Make sure they are hooked up properly and none of them have any cracks in them.. The vacuum lines I'm referring to are the small, thin, hard black ones.

Here is a late model diagram with rear ac. If you don't have rear ac, then just disregard that part of it:
download/file.php?id=913" onclick=";return false;

Thanks for the update Ap577. Hopefully everything will be fine.:)
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