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I have been looking online for answers and I cannot find anything concrete. How do you adjust your headlights properly? Does any one have any solid numbers, I.E: park van 25ft from wall, measure up 3' and the headlights should be 3' apart....etc. Any help would be great, my headlights are pointed at the ground, and that can't be right. Thanks.

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Horizontal and vertical aiming of each headlamp is done by two adjusting screws that move the mounting ring against the tension of a coil spring.

Some state and local authorities have specific requirements for aiming headlamps. These requirements must be followed.

Replacement of a headlamp will normally not require aiming adjustment. However, do check the aim.

Use J 25300-E headlamp aimer or equivalent. Instructions for using the safety aimer are supplied by the manufacturer.

If no special tools are available, the screen method may be used.

Headlamp Aiming By Screen Method
It is desirable to have a specific aiming area in a darkened location. This area should be large enough to accommodate the vehicle, plus an additional 25 feet measured from the face of the headlamp to the front of the visual screen.

The floor on which the vehicle rests must be flat with the bottom of the screen. If the floor is not level, then compensation must be made.
The aiming screen should be 5 feet high by 12 feet wide with a matte white surface, well shaded from outside light, and properly adjusted to the floor on which the vehicle stands. The screen must be provided with a vertical center line, two laterally adjustable vertical tapes, and a vertically adjustable horizontal tape. if a regular commercial aiming screen is not available, the screen may consist of a vertical wall having a clear uninterrupted area approximately 6 feet high by 12 feet wide, finished with a washable non-gloss white paint.

For each vehicle checked, the horizontal line or tape on the screen must be adjusted. Vehicles of the same model and year will have different standing height for the headlamps.
Provisions should be made for moving the screen, so that it can be aligned parallel with the rear axle. This will allow for a horizontal line drawn perpendicular from the center line of the screen to pass through the center point between the two capsule assemblies.
Once the screen has been set up in a permanent location, a reference line is to be painted on the floor to identify the proper location of the headlamps when they are being aimed.
Prepare vehicle for checking beam aim as follows:
Completely assemble all components on vehicle.
Fuel load to be one-half tank or less. The only other load in the vehicle is the driver.
Position vehicle so it is square with aiming screen, and with the head lamps directly over reference line which has been painted on floor.
Locate vertical center line on aiming screen so that it is in line with the center of the vehicle.
Close doors.
Rock vehicle sideways to stabilize suspension.
Switch headlamps on to low beam, and observe left and top edges of high intensity zone on screen. Adjust
Horizontal aim using horizontal adjusting screw, if left edge is more than:
102 mm (4 inches) right of straight ahead.
102 mm (4 inches) left of straight ahead.
Vertical aim using vertical adjusting screw, if top edge is more than:
102 mm (4 inches) above the horizontal line.
102 mm (4 inches) below the horizontal line.
:whistle: :whistle: I hope this will help ya
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