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Air Conditioner causes rough Idle

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When I turn the A/C on my van feels like it is going to stall. There are no secondaries (codes or Lights). I do not know if the A/C is actually causing the problem or amplifying it. I suspect it is electrical ( Ignition) or has something to do with the vacuum. I did have a problem with the A/C defaulting to defrost mold.I found a broken vacuum line and replaced it. Now it works fine. I'am hoping somebody can point me in the right direction for the rough idle.

Thank You
Rick 38
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Lets start with the basics has the engine ben tuned up recently? Has this just started this or dont know recent purches? Does it cycle wanting to stall then pick up then try to stall with i a few seconds? Theis questions will help a corect diagnosis or at least help us point you in the right direction. :think:
An other vac leak is the likely cause,folowed by carbon build up if the tune up is sill good. As for the spark plugs regardless of the type of plug Id change them out. Iv had good brand plugs worn out at 35k to wear the gap is double where it was set at during the tune up. Hope this helps!!!
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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