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Air hose from the canister below the battery..goes where?

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I have an air? plastic ribbed hose from the canister below the battery that has fallen off from somewhere on the engine.The air hose is the one nearest the negative terminal of the battery and appears to end up (now) as the upper of two of those(top one is the disconnected one..the bottom one is still attached(cross over? behind the radiator hose connection above the thermostat housing).Any idea where that canister hose is supposed to be attached to the TBI or engine,emissions? The front of the motor is barely visible between hoses,pumps and other crap on my 1990 and I'm hoping to not take the doghouse off (again as of yesterday and back on).Any clues would be appreciated.More than likely,I will have to take the DH off just to get a hand in there...$%^^$$... it appears the end might have slipped off a connection or tee rather than have been broken..say driver's side of the engine? Thanks in advance for any clues.. camera wants to focus on all the crap in front of the radiator hose and not behind it for the loose end.
The canister connection..the one closest to the ribbed covered one.

Okay..NEVER MIND..spent some time out there with a stronger light and found out where it goes.The T was facing towards the passenger side on the front of the engine,where I couldn't see it, behind the thermo sensor and radiator hose under two other Ts there..Duh..Delete this if you want..
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