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Air Intake Removal How-To (2003 Astro)

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The air intake I'm referring to holds your air filter, and has an intake by the air conditioner lines. Removal is simple and necessary for a number of procedures. To remove it, you'll need to do the following:

1: Loosen rear hose clamp and disconnect intake hose. For this you'll need a 1/4" drive rachet and 8mm or other appropriate size socket as your configuration may vary slightly. I couldn't fit a screwdriver here, even my short one...

2. Remove wires to sensors. These wires have clips that will need to be held open to be removed. Here are the wires I'm talking about:

3. The air intake is also attached to the fan housing in two places, and uses rubber fasteners attached to the fan housing by plastic. Your best bet to remove them is to work them through the air intake housing using a small screwdriver. The photos below will show the locations I'm talking about, but try to avoid what I did there...that's not what I was talking about with the screwdriver...

4. Then remove the air intake. It will take some maneuvering, so don't just yank it out...

5. This is what you're left with. As you can see, you have a little bit more access to some other stuff...

It goes back pretty much the same way it came out. General note, if you start your engine for any reason with it removed, you will get a check engine light as your sensors are not connected--it doesn't go away when all is back together. I did this after a belt change, and found that Advance Auto local to me will clear the error for free.
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Air Intake box top cover was not returned with the vehicle be mechanic after not repairing it. Its a 1995 Astro. I got a cover from another van but I need to see pictures of a 1995 AstroSafari air box cover. Back side and under side of the cover. I need the actual cover but may try to mod this one I picked up at junk yard if its possible. Thx in advance. Unkajoe
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