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Alpine's 1995 AWD Safari Adventurevan Build Thread

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Introductions are always awkward, but I'm Alpine and I live in the Sacramento Area. Been into cars for all my life, primarily GM and British makes which must mean I'm a glutton for self inflicted pain.

I had been daily driving and road tripping in a 2001 S10 for a long time (pictured), until I got a company truck.




So an opportunity came up to sell the truck and fill-in the blank with a dedicated road trip vehicle. Seeing as I had grown up riding in the back of Astrovans, I just had to get into the van game, so I found this one in Oregon where used vehicle prices aren't insanely inflated (I didn't even pay the sticker price shown). Comes to me with a minty fresh interior, lovely blue paint, AWD, and 120,000 miles.







So anyways, welcome to my build thread for my van. The general plan is to have a mildly offroad capable living room, with space to haul mountain bikes and camping gear, while towing a teardrop trailer. The constraints are to keep the van as original appearing as possible, by making any modifications seamless such as to appear factory-equipped.

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That's how it should have been from the factory. Or, at least, the covers should have been present and the hitch designed to fit that way.

Nice job :clap:
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