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any one know any easy mods?

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ok so iv browsed the site and there is loads of info n stuff which is great but i got to thinking today as i polished the stro (yeah i know could of been doin better stuff) whats the quickest easyiest mod that can be done to the van that actualy works? so come on you guys list your mods and how to do them n make them ez for us.thanks.
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remember that "easy" and "quick" can have very different meanings or levels to any of us. For example, to Danny who has been doing an awesome job on his ride modifying with alot of welding and bodywork involved could think it's any "easy" (although not "quick") mod. But for most of us, it ain't EASY!! (this is just an asumption). I admire any guy or gal with that level or any skill.

Washing your ride and keeping it clean is a good thing. Custom wheels and tires are probably one of the easy mods.
For me, doing the V8 swap was not complicated. I have mechanical skills (I think) and had all the parts needed for the swap and tools. I did it with no help so I would say it was easy (but not cheap) and very worth it.
Lowering was not complicated. Just had all the right components.

Doing a basic Billet Grill insert is not complicated. Adding Bod Kits is not complicated.
It basically depends on your skills or knowing the right people or just having tons of money (not my case!!).

So to answer your question, in my case, everything that has been done to my van will qualify as "easy". Maybe not "quick" or "cheap". But I think we all have different opinions, and that's what makes it fun. If not we would all have vehicles that would look alike. Our common ground so far is we all like or need or just ended up with a van, and then many personalize it.

I'm just a van kind of guy.
This mod for my rear license plate is not a common one. I did it and fabricated a billet grill to go with it. The grill covers the (2) third brake lights. To open the rear doors you have to undo the plate on one side (left door) so the first door swings open. The plate is held by 4 "swes buttons" that only take a second to undo. The "frenched" plate pockets are from "Sir Michaels" (2 of them) and the handle to open the door was moved to the inside. This is a mod I just came up with without seeing it on any other van. To some, this is a dumb useless mod. To me, it's my mod.


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So do a low restriction intake and exhaust (and keep it waxed so the air flows better off the body :lol: ). This is a square heavy vehicle, not intended for racing or saving gas :shhh: and I never expected mine to be a fuel efficient vehicle. That's why I had no problem swaping in the V8. I get the same fuel efficiency (or better) as before, but have some extra ponies and torque....oh, and the rumble of a V8!! love it.
When I wanna save gas, I drive my Mazda3 ;)
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