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any one know any easy mods?

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ok so iv browsed the site and there is loads of info n stuff which is great but i got to thinking today as i polished the stro (yeah i know could of been doin better stuff) whats the quickest easyiest mod that can be done to the van that actualy works? so come on you guys list your mods and how to do them n make them ez for us.thanks.
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I agree with Ray.The biggest bang for your buck and still not hard is the V8 conversion.AWD's make it alittle harder.
The easiest mod I found which could cost alot or almost nothing is the way YOU THINK.Yeah kind of direct comment,but how true isn't it??. :think: :think: If you expand what you think you can do,more than likely you will be suprized as to how well it worked out for you.If it seems some know alot,well let me tell ya only a fool stops learning.Everytime I get involved in something new-well it is a lession hopfully well learned.So reach for the stars and you can be very proud(no matter how small or large) of what you got done with your own hands.
Ray Aguirre said:
So do a low restriction intake and exhaust (and keep it waxed so the air flows better off the body :lol: ). This is a square heavy vehicle, not intended for racing or saving gas :shhh: and I never expected mine to be a fuel efficient vehicle. That's why I had no problem swaping in the V8. I get the same fuel efficiency (or better) as before, but have some extra ponies and torque....oh, and the rumble of a V8!! love it.
When I wanna save gas, I drive my Mazda3 ;)
I have seen twice a tv news program that had a feature about a three wheel van.Looks like a Aerostar front and rear.Single wheel up front.Gets 70 mpg.National Safety Councel gave it a thumbs down in a front end crash.Just don't understand everyone buying into the current gas pricing.Why don't we fight back?????????.Seems everyone is trying to get better mileage vs saying we won't pay for gas at that price.Well I guess that is a whole nother thread.Sorry,didn't mean to jack you thread.
rayjay said:
some good ideas and some good thoughts here guys, just been clocking our fuel use and it varies so much
i cant get the figure right i think i get 3miles to the litre(uk)£1.20 a litre so $2.40 to you guys,gary over here we are organising mass protests and rolling road blocks over fuel pricing i doubt the government will listen tho,Ray v8s are sweet very popular in land rovers n off roaders here doubt i could find one to fit the stro van,
good tips johnny again, who knows anything anout granatelli maf things are they good?
RAY-yOU GO GET UM.Maybe-based on your actions it will teach people in the US enought is enought.Do think we here are way too passive.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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