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any pics of a double din installed on a 96-04

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hey guys & gals
i'm new to astro vans.. just got me a 98 mark III... looking to install a double din for it but all these different site say different things about what really works... if i could get you guys 2 post pic of a installed double din that would help me make up my mind and it will give u time 2 shine :dance:

please if you post.. please let me know what you have done 2 make it work :feedback:

thanks alot....
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kevinwells said:
here is my take....
relocated the hvac controls to do it
I'm thinking we need a write up on how you did this.
C'mon, Share the glory!
Thanks Will
I'm thinking he has had to put in a lot of overtime to pay for that Double DIN kit.:rolleyes:
1 - 3 of 26 Posts
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