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anyone ever try building your own headers?

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Just curious if anyone has ever built their own headers? I have seen kits for this on a few sites. Anyone done this?
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One of the engines I bought last summer for 100 dollars was for parts only, and it came with headers for a 94 Silverado 4x4. The driver's side header fits my 350 in the AWD frame. However, the passenger side does not, but only because the first pipe down from the flange hits the shock tower on the frame. SO I was wondering if the one pipe could be cut and re-welded using another section of the same size pipe but curved different. Which is how I found the builder kits.
I have MIG welded my exhaust system, but I think the thickness of steel on headers may be less, I would have to practice lol
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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