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sixsix said:
Primusblack said:
Heres my application with Alpine Apple CarPlay
Well, that looks perfect or close to it - hope it works and sounds as good.
Leeann_93 said:
^ What Mike said. It looks awesome.
Onthewater01 said:
Metra makes a kit now for mounting double din receivers in Astros. Here the link on Amazon ... B07PGC1P2F

Geez.... just when I thought Primusblack's stuff was the "Best since Sliced Bread".

Very clean, 'water'... what all the members were talking about.
That Metra Co. Rocks !!

:bow: :bow:


and there's this too - that I forgot about: ... 4#p1528074

poor Gen I Vans... all but forgotten...

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Do they sell kits... to make it work?
They do now! Googol Double Din Adapter Safari 2003

Didn't event think they would have this available but I found this the other day. ... /524937671
Try this version instead designed for Astro/Safari:

Link expired just googol "Metra-95-3005" Walmart. Amazon, a dozen other vendors. get kit with the template and wiring harness and antenna 90-degree turn wire.
21 - 27 of 27 Posts
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