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AWD Astros generally have more issues?

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Looking to purchase my first Astro van, and have located one fairly close. It is an AWD with ~130,000mi.
My plan is to lift it with larger tires. It will be an occasional family mover, not an exploration vehicle. I understand AWD is not needed for my application.
I have heard the AWD vans have more issues - this makes sense as there are more components.
If this is true, are the issues usually big deals or small things? This specific van is a ‘99 model. I like the idea of having AWD because it opens up options if I ever do get adventurous. Small chance, but we also have the occasional brutal ice storm in my area. Again, small chance. Just sharing ideas that I like the sound of an AWD, but would like to hear if this is hundreds more per year to maintain, or usually just smaller items.
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Thank you for the replies. The guy just sold the van out from under me. Bummer. Guess it was not meant to be.

With these replies, maybe I will stop avoiding the RWD. I just want to lift the van and run 31-32” tires, and it is hard to find the 3.73 rear diff.

Does anyone run a lesser gear differential with larger tires in a RWD? Is there sufficient torque and cruising characteristics? What about in hills?
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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