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AWD problem (discouraged)

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I have had a problem with my 4wd for about 2 years. It started when I changed my encoder motor to a brand new one (dorman). My rear tires began to spin when I was turning (left or right). My mechanic told me that it showed that it was working now. and not before. There was something that wouldn't disengage and my differential was forcing. Last week, I changed the whole transfer case (TNT transfer case rebuilt), I had the rear differential oil changed (everything is fine, nothing broken inside), I had the discs changed , pads and caliper on the 4 wheels as well as the pedal break pads. I also changed the 2 CV joints. All brand new. Unfortunately, randomly, it may still have the same problem! Sometimes, it went back to doing the same thing. I turn left or right and he steers. I press on the accelerator pedal and I feel strain. The rear wheels spin. I do not know what to do. Most of the time, it works correctly, but with 4500$ spent, i want my problem to be fixed for good. Could it be a sensor abs problem? We read a code on the right front wheel yesterday.

thanks a lot.

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Check your tires. The smallest variation of tire tread depth with these AWD systems (that are working correctly) will cause problems.

I have a 2005 Astro AWD. Went crazy chasing binding problems when I first bought the van. It had all sorts of issues including the PO putting the red transfer case fluid in it, and a bad encoder motor. Fixed both of those but was still getting some binding when parallel parking and tight turns. Was about to pull the transfer case and rebuild it until I came across a couple articles that solved my problem. The variation of my tires tread depth was too much, about 2/32 from the front and rears and was causing the awd to occasionally bind on turns. 4 new tires and no more binding, needed them anyway.

links to both articles:
I think you found the problem/solution!!!

My 4 tires are Nokian 215/70r16 WRG4 SUV. Bought them 3 years ago. 35 psi on 4. The thread have excessive Inegal wear! They are worn out completely differently! I need to change them anyway!

I will give you updates.
Glad that helps. The 2004 article has a really good step by step test to help pinpoint the problem. Highly recommend following it, some great info.
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