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-Hi guys im wondering if anyone has found any other front knuckles / spindles that fit the AWD ASTROs? Like maybe off 1500 trucks of that era?

In perticular im wondering about something with a higher top ball joint mount. My van is lifted on 31s and I've been running the flipped u joint for a few years , i even modded a set pf upper A arms to get a good u joint angle. U joints are no longer wearing out . And i do a lot of road with my van so that's something.
However the driving feel has never been great i have positive camber instead of negative. this also leads to weird tire wear.

So i got a AWD frame from a wrecker and have it set up on a bench with the suspension components on it. i am using it to solve this problem once and for all before a new set of $1000+ tires go on the van. Then transfer what I've done on the test frame to the van.
From most of what i've tried so far i come to the conclusion the upper ball joint must sit higher on the spindle . And i dont mean adding a spacer between the ball joint and a arm. That dosen't work. I mean the actual ball joint pivot must be way higher to work properly. I know there are lift spindles that do exactly that for other ifs lifted vehicles. but i have not found anything for ASTROs (of course)

So im wondering if there is anyone with that kind of Chevy knowledge out there that would know of any other spindles that would bolt up to out vans?

Thanks in advance
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