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AWD to 2WD conversion

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Hey all, I'm new.

I don't have an astro, but I'm asking the question for a friend that just picked up a 96' AWD auto astro for 300 bucks 2 weeks ago.
this is what we've done already:
Power steering pump
new serp. belt
new belt tensioner
cragar V-5 black steelies
new tires
new rotors and pads
removed clutch fan / shrowd and installed electric fan. (you can see the front of the engine now!!) :whack:
Cone filter intake

so next step... he and I decided to convert it from AWD (it doesn't snow here, and he doesn't want to take it off road) to RWD... I was under there and thought, damn, this could be really easy! all i gotta do is pull the front drive axles and diff, the front driveshaft, and yank the transfer case. then in it's place just get a 2wd tailshaft and connect it to the rear driveshaft and drive! :swerve:

my question: is it really that easy? what year astro's shared the same tranny that's in this one? what year tailshaft should i look for to put in there to make it 2wd? is there anything ELSE i have to do to complete the conversion?

thanks everyone
- Lash
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I have limited input to offer here.I think it makes sense it all depends on how much work you want to do.If you truly want a rwd,then to swap out the awd sub frame/tranny/wiring harness for a rwd one makes sense.
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