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I just got rid of my van and decided to take all the aftermarket parts off of it. Please note all of these parts were installed about a year ago and have less than 500 miles on them.

Belltech 2" drop spindles. Now I cut the brake lines and the abs sensor cables. You will receive spindles, rotors, calipers and pads all in one assembly. So essentially if you wanted you can take your spindles off, install these and you are set. $100, prefer to not ship these as they are quite heavy (excess of 50 lbs each)

Belltech Nitro Drop 2 rear shocks. I believe these shocks are the ones for a 3 to 5" drop in the rear. $20 plus shipping for both

Clear front corners for 85-94 astro. These also have the headlight surrounds on them. call it $10 plus shipping.

Please note all prices are negotiable as I want this stuff gone. I need money for my vegas trip. Just please pm or e-mail me.
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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