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-Big Blue Update

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Hello guys and gals, it's been a while since I last posted an update on Big Blue, so I thought I would finally show where I am at. It's been a busy last 4 months, and mostly the bodywork/painting has been holding me up. There is a ton of pictures, so hold on...

-A.C.C. Black Carpets, and Fat Mat Insulation
-New Grill, Angel Eye Projector Headlights
-Wings West Bodykit
-Drop Leafs, Belltech Shocks
-White Face gauges
-VR3 Mp3, DVD Headunit
-New Catback Exhaust

Things I still have to put on thats sitting in the garage:
-Side Skirts
-Painted Carbon Fiber Hood
-Cats Eye Grill w/ Billet insert
-Finish Exhaust, High Flow cat

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she lookin gooooooooooood!!
funny that i'm also in the process of re-installing the side skirts on mine. had to repaint them after the paint cracked when i hit a ramp :banghead:
you'll probably have yours on before i the pace that i'm going.
i wanna see that hood installed too. i'm still looking for a deal on a pair of seats like yours. where are those tail lights from and how much $ do they set u back?
good work man :cheers: salud!!
NNNNNNICE. Dual would of been to much for the shape of the opening IMO. maybe an "oval" tip?? she looks nice anyway.
Is your rear sway bar an add on or stock OEM?
keep the pics comming as you tackle chores. :thumbup:
clinsenbarth said:
Thanks!!!! I was hopeing the center opened for a trailer hitch.
:bouncy: :bouncy: :cheers: :coolphotos:
you need the other style of rear bumper. i had the regular hitch from when i had the regular bumper and customized the hitch to fit behind the new bumper.
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