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Bikley's 94 Safari AWD

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I just realized that I never started a project thread so here it is. 馃槂

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A brief history. I bought it with a broken torsion bar and fixed that. A couple months later I had to put a new spider in it and at the same time I put a new Skip White distributor and a monster coil in it. I went with Accel 8mm wires and plain old AC Delco copper plugs. I tried those E3 plugs and it wasn't happy.
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At some point the main power connector on the firewall got corroded so I replaced that with a heavy duty bus bar and all new fusible links.

The tailpipe rusted off the muffler so I put on a brand new Walker tailpipe and a MagnaFlow cherry bomb muffler. The rest of the exhaust is still in pretty good shape.

It has gotten new brakes all around including calipers and rotors on the front and new wheel cylinders on the back. At the same time it got new Monroe shocks all the way around. Last year it got a set of Toyo Open Country A/Ts that still look brand new.

I put in a 5 pane racing mirror and stuck a dashcam where the stock mirror attaches to the windshield.
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I've rebuilt the transmission, twice. The second one is built for the 305 Vortec engine that's going in this spring.

Most recently I got sick of fighting with getting the sliding door to close so I found a new latch on GM Parts Giant for a very reasonable price. It was about $45 with shipping. It was easy peasy to change and now the door closes like new.

There's a few other minor things but all in all it's still pretty solid mechanically. It does need a bunch of cosmetic work that will come later.

To be continued...
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I'm going to fix that and order some tire chains and it'll be ready to push some snow. Even if I'm not. 馃槂
keep sayin' that four letter word an I'm callin' MOM!!!
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Kudos to you for persistence!
When the transmission I rebuilt in my '93 went south I knew I wasn't going in again. Off to monster trans I went.
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