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2000 Astro 2WD cargo campervan. I have a couple of fuses that blow more often than they should. It's a campervan and I'm frequently on rough dirt roads. I'm thinking I have some wiring that's rubbing somewhere causing the fuses to blow. These are the fuses that are blowing and what they control:

Fuse panel inside van under steering column:

#9 - Gauge cluster lights and hvac control lights
#12 - Hvac fan will not turn on

Fuse panel under hood:

"FRT HVAC" - Hvac high speed goes out

When the fuses blow: I replace the fuses when they blow and drive around like normal until I drive down another bumpy dirt road, and my fuses blow again. Sometimes I can go for a couple of weeks without blowing fuse 9 & 12, but "FRT HAVC" constantly blows after going over even the slightest bump on any paved road. I can't drive more than a mile without FRT HVAC fuse blowing.

My question: I've heard there are some common areas where the wiring on these vans can rub against bare metal and cause these kind of issues, but I don't know where they are. Given the above, are there any places on the van I should concentrate my efforts in looking for this wiring gremlin? Any common places for the wiring harness to rub, especially places that would include all 3 of the wires/circuits (all HVAC related) I've listed above?

Additional Info: The fuses do not blow under normal use... ie, the blow motor is not stuck or "on it's way out", causing the fuses to blow that way. The fuses do not blow unless I'm driving down a rough road! Yes I have replaced the blower motor resistor early on, and that has not solved the issue with fuses continuing to blow while driving down bumpy roads.
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