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Brake Light Switches 92 Astro

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So at the weekend a mate of mine noticed that my brake lights aren't coming on. Fuse/Bulbs are fine. I suspect the brake light switch has worn out, some fiddling over lunch today with the plunger on the switch and the brake lights come on again but it is sticky! Thinking i'll just replace the switch, but I notice that there is actually two? Anyone out there able to explain why there is two, is it just redundancy and if not which one it the actuall brake light switch?

It's a 1992 Astro LT.


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Cheers to both of you.

I thought it might be the cruise, but then my 1992 Astro doesn't have cruise control to my knowledge - unless i've been really missing out on something these past months. Maybe it's there for if you took the option of cruise??

I'll check out the wiring colors.

Haha! Brake light switches gone again, it is just moving back in the clip. So pulled it through more and hey presto they are back.

As for cruise control, i've been an idiot. It is a vaccum switch the other one, and yes on my left stalk I have what are probaby controls for the cruise control. I'm now trying to decipher what they do as they don't have any writing left on them 16years on!
Cheers cudapaul.

I shoulda reposted, found a picture on the web at rockauto of a replacement lever that explained the controls. But it aint working...i'll look into it one day but I expect the switch has gone as i've heard they are prone to breaking. Either that or the wire through the steering column. Anyways, cheers everyone.
i'll do that, when i had it off the other day i traced the system through and there was nothing obvious, next time i'll be more thorough!
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