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Brand new axle seals leaking again

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Hey guys,

Looking for any updated help on replacing front axle seals on a 2002 awd gmc safari. Sadly I got them both replaced as well as drivers side cv axle by a mechanic and within 500miles they're both leaking again.

Going to go with Timken seals this time as read on a helpful post from 2017 they are they best. Found one part number 710491 but looking for the other side as well.

Hoping this time I can get the issue solved.

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Classic problem - I just picked up a National seal since my Timken replacement has been leaking. Time will tell if it works.
Did you drain the diff before you replaced them?

They need to be installed dry -- I couldn't get mine to stop leaking until I drained the diff before installing them and using zero (like ZERO) grease on the edge of the seal or CV axle.

No more leaky leaky.

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