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so 2 yrs a go i bought the 1195hd springs from general spring. well 5 days ago i had a failure of the number 3 spring on the passenger side. was clearly cracked from the factory more the 3/4 of the break was rusted thru and only tiny portion was clean broken metal. call them up the said was out of warrenty and gave me whopping 20 bucks off a new one. broke due to rutt in the freeway. semi truck got blown into my lane some i moved over to give him some room grabbed the rutt and all she wrote. wasnt in it more than 200 ft and that was enough. not too happy with them. wish i have gone to dever springs in santa ana would have cost me 3 times as much but 1 they wouldnt have broken 2 if they did Dever would replace them without even asking. live and learn. just glad i wasnt on the dam trail somewheres in bfe.

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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