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Broken A/C compressor solution.

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Back at the start of July my 97 Safari's A/C Compressor clutch went, and eventually the compressor siezed, I am to cheap to fork out the 600 bucks for a new one, and didn't trust any of the ones I found at the local scrap yard, so the 100 dollar solution was to buy the non AC idler pully (which sadly cost 75 bucks from overpriced GM) and a non AC belt, bolted in the pulley, put on the new belt, and voila, working van, but without the AC. Just thought somebody might like that low cost solution. also, wonderin if doing this will cause any problems with timing, the computer, or the heating system, cause it gets mighty cold up here in Canada in the winter, can't survive without heat
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damn...$75 for an a/c delete pulley? I got one at Discount Autoparts for $39.99. you can order them online and still be way under what GM wants.
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