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Building an Astro roadster

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I'm Rick from San Jose and I'm building an Astro roadster. Well I should say, I built one, but now I need to make it nice. I bought a 98 with 161k on the clock and have cut the roof. Such a fun vehicle. My kids love it. The goal of the build is a fun lake/good weather van. We own a cabin 5 miles from the lake and this would make a great summer ride. Plus San Jose has such nice weather I can use it most of the year. Just a fun cheap toy. Here are the plans for the van.

Cut the roof
Install a new stereo. Nothing crazy, just a head unit and speakers
Roll bar for safety
Pull the carpet and Rhino line the floor. (going to make dealing with sand and water so much easier)
Wood for the sides to cover the cuts
Figure out how to get some rigidity back in the sides. (The way the drivers side body panel flops around is hilarious)
Fix the slider
Run the wiring as clean as possible
All the small things I'm forgetting to make this work

Here is how the van looked Friday on it's first drive
Wheel Tire Land vehicle Car Vehicle

I've also relocated the 3rd brake line to the rear door.
Automotive parking light Tire Wheel Car Automotive tail & brake light
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A roll bar would be nice for looks, safety, and for seat belt mounting.
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