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bumper capacity

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Does anyone know what the maximum tow and tongue ratings are for the bumper of Astros? If it matters by year, mine is 92.
I've looked in an owner's and Chilton's manual, here, web searched, and called a dealer to know avail. (pun!)
If I am correct, it's probably 2000lb / 200lb respectively, and I'm only going by what I vaguely remember from an s-15 and Sonoma I had. If anyone can confirm or show otherwise, please fill us in and cite source if not to much trouble?
I have recently seen bumper mounted hitch receivers. My van currently has a bumper mounted ball that was installed before I acquired it.
I am thinking of converting to one of these receivers as it would better suit my purposes. Then I could put on a bike rack, or a cargo rack, or a ball to tow a trailer, and not have to worry about the spare.
I've seen them come in up to 5000lb capacity. Realistically the heaviest thing I can foresee towing is a heavy duty utility/bike trailer with most commonly my bike, but I have hauled heavier occasionally, that being done with a proper frame mounted class 2 hitch on my Outback however, and pushing its ability to its limits with the car being the weakest link at 2000lb cap.
I could of course get the 5k cap set up, and that would be fine. However, taking off only to leave my bumper and anything attached to it would not be of course.


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If you can locate a receiver hitch from a pick and pull that is on a van. Our Astro/Safari has tabs that bolt to the unibody as well as the frame rails. A lot of after market units do not have these tabs.
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